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Until We Meet Again
It is with heavy hearts that we have decided to announce the closing of the Global Defense Force on May 31, 2014. Though we have tried our best to maintain a standard of quality, mature roleplay in a safe environment for everyone, there is little we can do about the lack of response from the development team in Champions Online. In the bluntest of terms, Trail Turtle wins this round.

All events will continue through this month, and it will prove to be an exciting one, so don't miss out! We ask that anyone with active plots please plan to have them completed by the end of May. While the GDF may be shutting its doors, we encourage those who plan to remain in Champions Online to remain in contact.

We do plan to relocate to City of Titans when it releases, however, and we welcome our friends and online family to join us there when we do! Until that time, stay strong friends, stay heroic!

Zero Line @dashedhope
Independence Eagle @Zodmeister
Nebuleia @Nebuleia